I'm not even sure I believe in Jesus?

I'm not even sure I believe in Jesus?
What about me?

We understand that not everyone believes in the things we have found in the Scriptures. We respect and appreciate anyone who is looking at the Christian lifestyle with an honest and realistic heart. Often, the people we run across who struggle have either been hurt by Christians before or have not really looked at the message in the Bible for themselves.


If you have been hurt by a church before, we apologize. There have been times in the church's history where man has confused, changed, or disregarded the calling of the Bible for love. Our church is full of people who have recovered from or are in recovery from hurtful past experiences. Sometimes it's hard to seperate man's actions from Jesus' teachings but we have not given up on God. Stop by sometime, call us, and you'll find The Fellowship a safe place to explore the claims of Christ. 

We also find that for some others that they have never had the oppurtunity to explore the Bible on their own or find it confusing. Below is a link that is a breakdown of what the Bible says about how to start a relationship with Jesus Christ and find salvation and a relationship with him.

Becoming a Christian?


Feel free to contact us or Pastor Tom at pastortom@theshepherdsfellowship.org if you have any questions or if we can help you in any way.