What Others are Saying...

What others are saying about The Shepherd's Fellowship!

"I love our Church!  It is a community of people who truly seek God and welcome his presence on Sunday morning.  We come together  on Sundays and during the week to grow together in our relationships with Christ and each other.  God is working in our community in big and powerful ways.  I love to hear the stories of how God is moving the lives of our Church family. We say God is Good every week and we know He is!"  - Katie

" We like the way everything is so real and there is such a diverse group of people at The Shepherd's Fellowship. People feel welcomed, and don't feel judged. We have been looking for something like this for a long time. It is very unusual for poor people and addicts to come to a place and feel comfortable. We have been blessed the past couple of weeks and are excited to see all the things that God is going to do!" - Cathy

" (I love the) experience... the Holy Spirit for sure! (It's) an opportunity to learn, grow, strengthen our relationship with God.
A place where (the) teaching (of) God's word is magnificent and atmosphere is awesome!" - Ray

" This is an awesome place to just be and to get to know our God….the sermons are biblical sound
as the pastor teaches… love, love this church!” - Lynn

" When I first came to the church I was a young unmarried mother. I had a few bad experiences with churches because I had a child out of wedlock. The Shepherds Fellowship welcomed me with open arms and did not judge me. I am so thankful that I was so easily accepted into the church family and am blessed to have so many people who care for me and my family! I am able to be myself, even with all of my faults, and feel loved by my church family! Thank you all! I have never felt more like home! My church family is amazing!" - Jamie

" I've never been to a church that treats you like family the way The Shepard's Fellowship does. I've been through some hard times recently and my church family was there to surround me with love and help any way they could." - Debbie
"I had been visiting several churches for a couple of years (but I) just couldn’t seem to get connected anywhere. When I started attending The Shepherds Fellowship, I immediately felt the spirit of God and felt more welcomed and at home than I had felt in years. I continue to grow and love the fellowshippers more each week in some type of community with them. I have never felt intimidated or not welcome by anyone there. The pastor to me is a TEACHER of God's word, not just another preacher. He love his people, and it shows in ways you can never see." - Marti

" It is a place where you can worship God with fellow Christians & not be judged, you feel welcome & cared about. People there care, are willing to pray with you and love you!" - Brenda

" When I first started going to the Shepherd's Fellowship, I was looking for religion, but they taught me that it was about relationship not religion and not just with God, but also with each other. I now see each and every person at the Shepherd's Fellowship as family. I don't know where I would be without them.  We are a community, not a church. We are a house of God, all adopted into the same family. At the Shepherd's Fellowship, I feel like I am at home, right where I belong." - Sandi

"I heard about your church through my sister Debbie, I stayed because I liked the people,
they were friendly and the church was family oriented ..." - Jenny

" When I originally came to The Shepherd's Fellowship, it was to help support the church's Back to Church Sunday, which I thought was a fantastic idea.  Once there, I saw the genuine love displayed by the folks who were regulars.  This was not just a one Sunday display of love.

God so spoke to me that this was where the girl's (ages 8 & 9 at the time) and I were to be.  The Shepherd's Fellowship is where I can talk or contact anyone, including Pastor Tom, to ask for prayer or just support.  It is where I can come in on a Sunday feeling burdened and down and almost immediately uplifted by the love and friendliness of others. 

Not only Sunday's meeting but the small groups.... I was never a person that "loved" small groups but I do at TSF.  The group I belong to is like an extended family.  We share, laugh, love, cry, confess, and support each other.... and this is 7 days a week 24 hours a day if needed.

As for my girls, they are now almost 10 and 11, they have learned so much.  Their "kid's church" is so caring and loving.... their teachers Sandi Pyles and Jenni Hypes, takes their special needs and concerns and prayer requests to heart and focuses on making them stronger in Christ.

I feel like (that) on Sundays, I go to a large family meeting where we worship and share the Word of God. 
It doesn't get better than this!!
" - Sandie

"When I was first introduced to The Shepherd's Fellowship I was working at Pizza Hut.Tom was a
regular patron for lunch and as a full time employee, we always got to know our regulars.

I was going through a rough time and would often talk to Tom about things. He told me about the
church and invited me to services. When things hit bottom and I no longer felt welcomed at the
church I was attending I decided to try it out.

When I first attended approximately seven years ago, I was confused and hurt by churches and
people alike. My relationship with God was present, but not dedicated. My attendance was come
and go. I would converse with others, but form no real friendships.

I've come to realize that even though I've been hurt by other churches in the past, doesn't mean that church
is a bad thing. Churches are made up of people and people are only human. Full of flaws and prone
to mistakes and bad judgment, but still loved by God. God calls us to fellowship with each other and
has never intended on us to be alone.

My ability to form friendships has improved, I still have a long way to go, but I'm doing much better. But most of all, my relationship with God has come so far. From just believing in Him to having a loving relationship with Him. I no longer feel lost or alone. I know He is with me at all times.

The Shepherd's Fellowship has helped me so much as a church family, and that's just what it is, a family. There's no reason to feel ill at ease with us, because like any family, there is always more love to "grow" around!" - Kris

"I thank God for his faithfulness in providing The Shepherd's Fellowship. It's a beautiful community where everyone can feel loved and at home. It is also a great place to learn and be instructed in the word. Tom teaches and challenges me all in one swoop! God is good!! All the time!" - Sharol